Improve your immune system

As with every new virus, we currently know too little about theĀ coronavirusĀ and are unsettled by its spread reports. All we know is the crucial fact to keep our immune system healthy.

The truth seems to be that there is no lethality from Corona in India and the worldwide death rate is between 0.1 – 5% of those infected (which is low for a flu epidemic, if one believes the circulating, somewhat fluctuating numbers). However, as with every flu wave, the number of infected people is increasing.

improve your immune system

However, suppose you get to the bottom of all flu infections and infections and take a closer look at the picture. In that case, it is very noticeable that most severe illnesses and deaths always affect those whose immune system is weak or barely present.

A healthy immune system in a healthy body seems to be dealing with flu viruses. Food with a high level of vitality and organically grown raw materials have a positive effect on our organism, and at the same time, our immune system is strengthened. If you now follow a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, low alcohol, and nicotine consumption, and lots of fresh air, then you would assume that nothing stands in the way of a 1A immune system.

With this article, Ayurveda offers you a few useful, flu-prophylactic tips for the flu to improve your immune system. Should you still get signs of the Coronavirus, it is recommended that you contact the hospital by telephone to assess your state of health as best as possible.

Tips for Improve your Immune System

You can achieve a positive strengthening or improvement of your immune system and increase your defenses with the following tips naturally and without side effects:

Food with positively high vital forces | controlled source of supply

In Ayurveda, Sattva is translated as purity. So watch out for controlled food chains with high satvik value. In Ayurveda, everything related to purity, vitality, and evolution is assigned to the Sattva biological program. Food with high energy (fresh, regional fruit and vegetables or nuts) stands for Sattva.

In the case of flu waves, you should especially take care of controlled food from regional suppliers who ensure high quality. Good food simply costs a little more, but it is the easiest way to help us become healthier and develop a robust immune system. For example, food from the health food store is mostly of a satvik nature.

improve your immune system

Tamas’s biological program – the counterpart to Sattva, is assigned to food with little or no vital force. The inhibiting and the corrosive are, among other things, terms around tamas.

For example, it can be canned food, sugar, ready-made meals from a packet, or the food truck’s greasy fries. Tamas is the equivalent of industrial animal breeding on a large scale (mostly of only one animal species), which in turn usually gives the animals inferior feed to be able to keep the price that low-cost chains need to lure end consumers into the store.

So avoid tamas wherever possible. You shouldn’t buy this food – not even eat it exceptionally. Above all, protect your children from tamatic food consumption! This food just makes you sick!

Avoid food that is difficult to digest

Foods prepared with inferior oils, cheap sugars, and rushed to speed generally challenging to digest. Your body also processes this cheap food (because it has to!), But the organism cannot extract the necessary components for a functioning immune system from this food. These foods weaken your immune system.

Good food from the health food store, for example, is more expensive, but your body thanks you for it and converts the contained ingredients into a

  • high digestive power
  • better metabolism
  • better sleep
  • alertness of consciousness
  • The clarity in thinking and acting
  • General well-being (this can build up emotional stability)

In particular, please refrain from industrially manufactured sweets in the supermarkets – unfortunately, often also in the many bakeries with their sweets. Stay away from it and avoid this food!

Drink a lot

three clear shot glasses

Ideally, drink hot water and at least one litre of it a day in sips. You can also reduce a few slices of fresh ginger. As a substitute for breakfast, a fair amount of mate tea can be drunk with a little cane sugar (let the tea steep for 10 minutes). Use plenty of fluids to help your body flush pollutants out of the body.

Small arrangements when eating

Thumbs up: bitter and spicy foods are delicious during a flu epidemic

  • take a break of 4-5 hours between meals
  • do not bring any snacks
  • eat lots of soups and lots of fresh food
  • pay attention to the exact saturation point and avoid overeating

In Ayurveda, a glass of milk is considered a full Meal viewed. This picture can help to estimate better the amount and severity of the food ingested.

(The points mentioned above help to increase your vitality.)

Thumbs down: sweet and sour foods are no right in a flu wave

In times of flu, you should generally avoid – bread and other baked goods

  • pasta, eggs, and rotten fruit
  • low-quality meat and cheese/quark
  • warmed up food or food from the day before

You produce tamas and are an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Walks in the woods and sleep

Go into our forests a lot during the Corona season and exercise in the oxygen-rich environment. A healthy walk of around 45 minutes a day is enough to ventilate the lungs, bronchi, throat, and sinuses.

three people walking in between trees

Relaxation and sleep also strengthen the immune system. It would be good to go to bed before 10 p.m. and do a daily meditation (even better twice a day).

Fasting for six hours

Just try it: Short-term fasting for healthy people! Avoid food and fluids for 6 hours a day for a week. As a result, your organs recover and can take care of things that have not got stuck. Please do not fast during pregnancy. So just drink hot water during this time.

Fasting has many positive effects, and your immune system regenerates by approx. 40% after just four days!

The above mentioned tips will surely help you to strengthen your immune system during the Corona Pandemic!

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