Ayurveda, the “knowledge of life”, is currently more popular than ever – and not without reason. However, ayurvedic cures teachings do not only include relaxing oil massages and spiritual wisdom of everyday life.

Ayurveda helps you is beneficial more than that. It is the teaching of a long, healthy, and happy life. Freedom, individuality, nature, serenity – this is the cocktail that makes us happy. How Ayurveda helps you to prepare this cocktail of happiness, you can find out here!

Ayurvedic Cures are No Magic

Ayurveda is the oldest holistic medicine in the world. In India, this is a medicine of equal value to ordinary medicine. Indian Ayurvedic doctors must study for five and a half years Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery and pass a state examination to be allowed to apply the art of Ayurvedic healing.

In corresponding writings, it is even said that one has to study for 120 years to understand the art of Ayurveda fully – even the one or other long-term student is amazed! One of the numerous Ayurvedic cures is the forehead oil cast (Shirodara).

For some, this is a pure form of relaxation, for others, a method that has changed their lives. Ayurveda doctors use the forehead oil treatment of severe illnesses such as epilepsies, migraines, or paralysis. It has long been known that the body can take medication through the skin.

Oil removes toxins from the body and strengthens the immune system. So Ayurveda has nothing to do with magic but is based on the scientific knowledge that is also used in conventional medicine.

Individual miracle cure against stress

With its approach, which includes the individual life situation of each person, Ayurveda is gaining more and more critical, especially in western society with its many kinds of stress and its results. Because especially in our modern and digital world, stress is not a foreign word for most of us.

The constant pressure to perform can – if at all – only be healthy for a limited period. Those who do not regularly provide for a balance are often irritated, burnt out, or feel overloaded. Last but not least, stress and strain can also lead to a lot of health risks, both physical and mental.

If you need some time out, want to do something good for your body and are looking for relaxation and new energy, an Ayurveda anti-stress program is the right choice.

Free the body from toxins

The Ayurveda doctors start their examinations by measuring the pulse. Thus, they can see whether the body is in balance, i.e. whether it is healthy. “In balance” – this refers mostly to the Dosha constitution on which the Ayurveda cure is based.

According to it, three elemental energetic forces are at work in the human body. They control all physical-mental functions of a human being and are called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The different functions of the three Doshas result from their usual properties, which can be derived from the five essential elements ether, air, fire, water, and earth.

Connected in pairs, the elements form the three Doshas. They describe the human being in all his areas, both mentally and physically. This includes the respective temperament, likes and dislikes, nutritional needs, and much more. It doesn’t get more individual than that!

Combine Ayurvedic Cures with vacation

Okay, we have been waiting for this point from the very beginning? Since the traditional teachings of healing are deeply rooted in the culture of South India and Sri Lanka, it is reasonable to assume that corresponding Ayurvedic cures are most authentic in the countries of origin.

Not only are the climatic conditions here ideal, but the breathtaking landscape, the sound of the sea, and much more increase your well-being. We get a clear head, leave work and everyday life far behind us, and can also think back to great vacation moments after the cure.

Ayurvedic cures can be perfectly combined with a round trip, for example through Sri Lanka. So, try it out, dare a new start and return to everyday life with more freshness and balance!

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