From an Ayurvedic point of view, healthy skin is a mirror of well-being: If the body is in harmony with itself, it also glows. Here you can read how you can use Ayurveda treatment to fight acne – after all, there is a solution for every problem in Ayurveda!

Conversely, there is always a particular cause for skin irritation, redness, or inflammatory impurities.

What does acne look like?

There is no need to worry if you discover a pimple – not every skin impurity is acne. On the other hand, acne is a skin disease that is not only related to teenage age or hormones.

ayurveda treatment for acne

Causes: Why do you get acne?

Acne develops when too much sebum accumulates in the sebaceous glands. If the skin is healthy, it is eliminated. However, if the outlets are blocked with horn material, this is no longer possible. Bacteria can then accumulate and cause inflammation: The skin becomes sick, so far, the quick explanation.

According to Ayurveda teachings, every person is unique, so every physical reaction has a particular reason.

Accordingly, Ayurveda treatment also starts with acne therapy to find out the root of the problem – after all, not only the surface should be treated, but the cause should be counteracted.

One factor that very often contributes to the development of acne is an overloaded metabolism. Too many metabolic residues, called Ama, then accumulate in the body. An imbalance develops in Rasa Dhatu (the nutrient juice) or Raka Dhatu (blood), which manifests in skin irritation and inflammation.

Unfavorable eating habits can overload the metabolism. But it is also possible that Ama arises spiritually, for example, when you are very stressed or otherwise psychologically burdened.

Acne spots on the chin and shoulders: the affected areas

Where and how severe acne appears always depends on the individual case and the type of constitution. Pitta types, in particular, have an increased tendency to inflammation, but acne is also not uncommon in the somewhat oily skin of Kapha people.

ayurveda treatment for acne

The most frequent acne pimples are on the face: there are incredibly many sebaceous glands in the chin, cheeks, nose, and temples. The shoulders, upper arms, and upper back can also be affected. In all these areas, we often sweat a lot, which further promotes the development of pimples. But don’t worry: As disturbing as all these sounds, Ayurveda offers many possibilities to regain balance.

Ayurveda Treatment nutrition against Acne

Our diet strongly influences how healthy our digestive fire is. The more active the Agni, the less likely it is to cause metabolic problems and acne. So how can you eat when acne symptoms already appear?

What diet is right for acne?

Especially crucial for acne are all foods that strengthen the organism, the so-called Rasayanas. This is especially true for Pitta types, as here the diet has the most significant influence on skin health.

Regardless of the type of constitution, the most helpful thing for acne is to pay more attention to these factors:

  • Eat fruits and vegetables with a sweet or bitter taste, for example, grapes and radicchio.
  • Prepare foods gently by steaming them.
  • Use ghee as fat for cooking.
  • Eat lots of cooked pulses.
  • Take generous amounts of spices that aid digestion, such as hagfish, coriander, turmeric, and cardamom.

There are also, of course, some eating habits that are anything but recommended for acne. Your skin health will be better if you avoid the following things:

  • Highly heated prepared food, i.e., anything fried, deep-fried, grilled,
  • alcohol and sugar, also in the form of sugary drinks
  • fast food
  • Hot spices like chili
  • Fatty, heavy food
  • (red) meat and fish
  • Very salty or sour dishes
  • Too many dairy products

If you want to give your body a good start in anti-acne nutrition from scratch, you can start with an Ayurvedic intestinal cleansing. This way, you will get rid of a lot of Ama. In our video, you will find the essential tips for acne nutrition summarized once again, and as a bonus, you will also learn which skin care is best suited.

Herbs against acne

Very important: In the case of acne, stay away from cosmetic products with many chemical ingredients. Because this “care” usually irritates the skin even more. You can find a natural remedy with herbs.

The calendula, for example, is satvic, i.e., strengthening for body and soul. Also, this plant has an anti-inflammatory effect – just right for sensitive acne skin. The taste of calendula tea is bitter and sweet simultaneously, making it the ideal blend for acne.

ayurveda treatment for acne

If you let dried calendula blossoms steep in boiling water for 10 minutes, you will get a tea, of which you can drink 1-2 cups daily. A mixture of dried and fresh calendula blossoms and a little ghee makes a soothing, nourishing ointment that you can apply to the affected areas.

Turmeric also has an anti-inflammatory effect. With one teaspoon each of turmeric powder, organic honey, and natural yogurt, you can quickly and easily make a paste to apply to the skin. It is best to let the mixture work for 20 minutes.

Ginger against acne pimples

As inconspicuous as it looks: The ginger tuber is a real all-rounder and a useful helper for acne. Why? Quite simple: Ginger disinfects powerfully, has an antibacterial effect, and stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism so that toxins can be eliminated more easily.

Ginger and 2 Lemon Fruit

You can mix a soothing mask from ginger by chopping a ginger piece – about three fingers wide – as small as possible and boiling it in boiling water for 5 minutes. It is best to start with just a few tablespoons of water so that the mixture doesn’t get too liquid, and if in doubt, add a little more. Add one tablespoon honey and three tablespoons wheat germ to the ginger water. Apply the still warm mixture and let it work for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

Drinking coffee despite acne – yes or no?

Very few people want to do without their daily coffee – but is this recommended if you have acne? Unfortunately not, because caffeine can exacerbate a possible imbalance in the hormone balance. So that means doing without caffeine, black and green tea.

We want to mention at this point: Having acne is, of course, not the end of the world. All well know even occasional skin blemishes of us. But on the other hand, it is just as understandable if people with acne want to care for their skin healthily again. With our Ayurveda treatment tips against acne, you can achieve precisely that – and feel completely well in your skin too!

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