In Ayurveda, meditation has long been a proven means of living more calmly and consciously. Here we show you a few simple meditation techniques that you can try out as a beginner. Just try them out, then you will indeed find something for you!

The nice thing about it is that no special knowledge is necessary, because everybody can learn to meditate!

Learning to Meditate: How to Meditate Correctly?

First of all, the most important thing: Take it easy! Nobody becomes a meditation expert from one day to the next. And that is not even necessary! The main thing is that you calm your mind and find inner peace – and feel good about it.

person doing meditation outdoors

It is quite familiar that your thoughts will often wander during the meditation techniques in the beginning. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to engage in meditation fully. Here we first give you a few tips on how to get started in meditation.

Guide to Meditation: Some Tips for the First Meditation Techniques

  • Choose a suitable place where you feel comfortable and not disturbed. You can also light a candle.
  • Take enough time to be able to relax. Even after the meditation, you should allow a few minutes before you dive back into your daily life to let the meditation take its full effect.
  • Wear comfortable clothing in which you can sit well.
  • If specific meditation techniques do you useful and fun, stick to them. If not, try something else.
  • In the beginning, it is better to meditate in small, regular intervals. A few minutes per day are sufficient in the face. Afterward, you can improve step by step.
  • Observe, but do not evaluate yourself! Be kind to yourself and acknowledge that each step in your development is excellent and essential.

Feel good while meditating – everyone imagines something different underneath. Fortunately, there are many other meditation techniques that you can try out. Therefore, here are a few exercises that you can quickly try at home. We will explain why the technique might be right for you and give you a step-by-step guide.

You can try them all or start with the meditation exercise that suits you best. This is entirely up to you!

1) Mantra Meditation: Meditation Techniques for Beginners

A Mantra Meditation is a good start for all those who find it difficult to concentrate and who want to calm their mind. But even if you have a specific goal in mind that you want to achieve, you can make a Mantra out of it and include it in your meditation.

How it works

The Mantra Meditation is, in principle, very easy. First, choose a Mantra with which you can identify. In the beginning, you can start with single words like peace or tranquillity. However, the Mantra can also be something that you want to achieve personally and consist of whole sentences like I open my heart for new things.

Once you have found your Mantra, sit down and close your eyes. Now all you have to do is mentally repeat the Mantra over and over again until your mind becomes calm and focused. If your thoughts drift away, bring them back to your Mantra.

2) Walking Meditation: The Meditation to Reduce Stress

Those who feel restless and stressed and cannot imagine sitting still for a long time may find themselves in walking meditation. But even if you have to sit all day long due to work, walking meditation can bring you the necessary balance.

woman walking on road with trees on side
How it works

In walking meditation, the name is a program. All you have to do is to walk consciously. Take one step at a time, slowly and purposefully. Pay attention to your breathing and perceive all movements and sensations in your body. Feel the light breeze on your skin and the feeling when your foot hits the ground.

Walk-in this leisurely manner for a few minutes to calm down and leave disturbing thoughts behind you. Feel how you release the stress with every step. Whether you are outdoors or just walking up and down in your apartment is entirely up to you, because walking meditation works everywhere!

3) Mindfulness Exercises: Meditation Technique to Fall Asleep

This meditation is not only the basis for all mindfulness exercises but also a perfect introduction to meditative practices. If you are unable to rest, especially in the evening, targeted mindfulness meditation can also help you to fall asleep better.

How it works

Lie down comfortably in bed. Now listen to your breath and count each breath. As soon as you reach 10, start again and again from 1, because this way you take away the pressure of having to fall asleep. Let all thoughts, feelings and sensations that come up during this time pass by without holding on to them. Don’t evaluate them and instead always return gently to your breath.

Meanwhile, you can feel your body and your body parts spread out in bed and gradually become more and more relaxed. Soon your mind will calm down, and you will gently slide into sleep.

4) Meditation Techniques With Music

Music not only reduces stress but also lifts the mood. Therefore it is especially suitable for meditation. Meditation with music is ideal for you if you want to come to rest and become more attentive at the same time. This meditation focuses on the experience of sound.

silhouette of man and woman playing guitars
How it works

Choose music that you like, and that relaxes you. Which style of music that is, is entirely up to you. From classical music to jazz to a new age, everything is possible. However, we recommend that you start with instrumental music first.

Now sit down, breathe in and out deeply and concentrate exclusively on the music. Observe what the music does to you and what sensations it triggers in you. You might even learn something about yourself! In any case, you will become more relaxed and collected during the song.

5) Visualization: The Meditation to Let Go

Would you like to take some time out or would you prefer to go on a trip? With the conscious visualization of a place of power, you can travel in your mind without moving from the spot. Thanks to this meditation exercise, you can withdraw wherever you are to let go and recharge your batteries.

How it works

Imagine a specific place where you can feel good and gain strength. Whether the site is real or only exists in your imagination is irrelevant! Let your imagination run wild and travel to a beach, a lakeside, a clearing or even to a cosy library.

Now perceive as many details of the place as possible. What sounds can be heard there? What does it smell like there? Pay attention to your breathing and feel how you are being supplied with new life energy.

When you feel strengthened and calmed, you can leave the place gently. The more precisely you imagine the place, the more effective the meditation exercise will be. In this way, you have your place of power to which you can return anytime and anywhere.

6) Grounding: Finding the Centre Again With Meditation

If you feel that everything is growing over your head and you are looking for inner stability, you should try grounding meditation. In this way, you can bring your body and mind back into harmony and draw new energy for everyday life.

How it works

Sit down or lie on your back. Now imagine that roots are growing from your feet or back. The roots slowly penetrate the soil below you and grow over several levels until they find fertile soil.

Now anchor yourself firmly to the ground and feel the power of the earth flowing through your body via the roots. Observe how you gradually absorb more energy and become calmer at the same time. Finally, the roots leave the ground and slowly return to your body – but the power of the earth remains with you

All these meditation techniques are perfect for beginners. And now it’s time to try them out! You are sure to find a meditation technique that suits you and makes you feel comfortable. If you take enough time and are patient with yourself, you will be able to make a good start!

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