Pippali, the long pepper, brings energy and has a stimulating effect on the mind and body. In Ayurveda, it is not only an effective detoxifying agent but is also used for medical purposes. The fiery spice goes well with almost all dishes and can thus fully unfold its effect with every meal. Here we will show you what Pippali does and give you delicious tips for preparation to make your digestive fire blaze!

What is Pippali?

The long pepper, or Piper longum in Latin, is a perennial climbing plant native to India’s hotter regions. It has been used for thousands of years as a medicine and is highly appreciated for its good taste. More precisely, it is the fruits, which are about 4-5 cm long, that are used. They look a little bit like birch kittens and are already dried when they are still unripe because their effect is most vital.

As a pleasantly hot powder, pepper is then used in various dishes. If you are not a friend of hotness and the mere thought of hotness is already sweaty for you, here is a comparison to calming: Pippali is only about as hot as black pepper but much softer for the stomach.

Pippali than Rasayana: The effect of long pepper

The long pepper plays an extraordinary role in Ayurveda because it is considered Rasayana, i.e., a rejuvenating agent. This is because its sweet, warming spice stimulates digestion and cleanses the body. Thus it reduces the Vata and Kapha dosha and strengthens Pitta. Nevertheless, the pepper does not have an extreme effect on the Pitta dosha. It is beneficial even for the hot Pitta types, which should usually hold back with stimulating spices. The spice even has several positive effects.

Strengthening for body and soul

The long pepper has a stimulating and strengthening effect and stimulates the immune system. It ensures a clear, sharp mind and supports both the ability to think and to comprehend. It can also help to regenerate tissue and provide the necessary strength to regain balance in allergies and rheumatic complaints. The fiery spice breathes new life spirit into you and gives you valuable energy. So you are well prepared for all the challenges of everyday life!

Slim with the long pepper: good for digestion

If you want to lose weight, the long pepper is an ideal helper. As an ingredient, it ignites Agni, the digestive fire, and thus declares war on obesity.

Metabolic waste products are reduced, and attacks of ravenous hunger are successfully curbed. So pepper is the ideal detox spice for Kaphas and Vatas in particular!

Mucolytic – finally, take a deep breath!

The spice even does well as a medicinal plant. Because it has a mucus-reducing effect and makes breathing more comfortable, so it is no wonder that pepper is used in Ayurveda, especially for colds and complaints like chronic bronchitis or asthma.

In this way, it cleans your airways and lets you breathe again in a relaxed manner.

Are there side effects of Pippali?

Spicy food is healthy, but as with so many things, it depends on the dose. While the spice is beneficial to everyday use, it should not be used too excessively or in excessive amounts over a long period. Otherwise, the doshas may get out of balance again, and the pepper does not do what it should. If you already notice heartburn or increased sweating, reduce the amount in any case. Especially pittas should not overdo it!

Tasty Pippali: use of pepper

The great thing about pepper is that it can be added to almost any dish to make it more delicious! The easiest way is to buy some Pippali and add it to your lunch as a spice. As a delightful addition, it goes exceptionally well with curries or chutneys. Especially a mixture of three parts turmeric and one part Pippali is delicious. This stabilizes the appetite on the one hand and stimulates digestion at the same time.

But pepper is also part of the essential stimulating spice combination in Ayurveda, namely the spice mixture Trikatu. This potent mix of Pippali, black pepper, and ginger is a true miracle elixir for digestive disorders! The dynamic blend provides quick relief from digestive problems and tastes exceptionally good. But that is not all! Because the seasoning can do so much more.

Pippali with honey: reduces Kapha

An insider tip from Ayurveda is to combine pepper with a little love. To do this, take ½ TL of pepper with a bit of honey in the morning. This combination reduces Kapha and helps to lose weight. If you want, you can also extend the recipe a bit:

  • ¼ teaspoon of Pippali Churna
  • ¼ TL Cardamom
  • 1 tsp honey

All ingredients are mixed in a small container and swallowed before eating. This gets the metabolism going again and fires up Agni. Give it a try!

Traditional milk with long pepper: for excess Vata

If you want to reduce Vata, you can do yourself some good by taking the long pepper with ghee or milk. This is a real energy booster and refills the empty reserves. Here is our favorite recipe for classic milk with the long spicy pepper:

  • 250 ml of water
  • 250 ml of milk
  • ½ TL Pippali powder
  • Candy Sugar

The preparation is straightforward: Just let water, milk, and the churna simmer together at medium temperature until the water has evaporated and about 250 ml of liquid remains. The whole thing goes through a sieve and can be sweetened with a little rock candy, depending on taste. Let it taste good!

The Pippali Steps cure

Allow your body a little rest and try the so-called staircase cure! Especially in spring, this cure is ideal for reducing excess ama from winter and cleaning the body! However, it can also be effective quickly for Kapha disorders such as obesity, colds, coughs, or asthma, to bring imbalance.

Here’s how it works:

In the stair cure, pepper is taken over 14 days, first increasing, then decreasing doses. To do this, boil the powder together with 125 ml water and 125 ml milk until only 125 ml of liquid remains. It would help if you drank this mixture twice a day, preferably in the morning and after lunch.

But what about the dose of the churna? Well, start the first day with 1 g of Pippali and increase the quantity by 0.5 g daily until the fifth day. For the next three days, keep this amount of 3 g of pepper constant. Afterward, reduce the dosage again by 0.5 g each day until the cure is over.

Give your body and mind an energy kick with the spirited Pippali! The long pepper enhances practically every dish and is as effective for losing weight for the respiratory tract. So if you want to reduce Kapha and Vata, Indian pepper is just right for you.

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