Many yogis and yoginis manage to practice yoga at home regularly or even daily, others find it difficult. What is the difference between the two? Is there any trick? How to build a strong yoga practice at home is what this article is about.

“The hardest thing about yoga is stepping on the mat”,

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois is said to have once said. 
But once we get there, we never regret it.

6 Tips for Your Yoga at Home

1. Know Your True Heart’s Desire (Why?)

In other words, know why you want to practice yoga in the first place. If you do not know your heart’s desire, then you can find it out in two steps.

Step 1: Take 10 minutes and think calmly and radically honestly about your goal, which you are pursuing on the mat. What do you want to get from your mat time? Then formulate this goal positively and write it down. By “positive” I mean that you leave out all negations in this sentence. 

For example: “I want to have a healthy back” and not: “I don’t want to have any more back pain.” The goal of our yoga practice at home is always a very personal one and it always arises from our heart’s desire. It is important that you know yours because it leads you to your heart’s desire.

Step 2: Next, ask yourself why this goal is important to you. What is the actual wish that lies behind this goal? In this simple example, it could be: “I want to experience more joy in everyday life” (my back pain has often prevented me from doing it). 

If the answer is not immediately as clear as in this simple example, then keep asking yourself about the true wish until you can break it down to a word or a short formula. In this case, the heart’s desire would be to “Experience more joy in everyday life”. If you get multiple answers, fine too, write them down and read them to yourself. Your true heart’s desire is the formula that triggers the most emotion in you.

Now you know what your heart’s desire is that led you to yoga. Write this wish in your most beautiful handwriting on a card and hang it on your yoga space.

2. Set up a Yoga Spot at Home (Where?)

Always practice in the same place at home. It is best to leave your mat rolled out. If you don’t have enough space, roll it up after practicing, but leave it in that place. Make this place beautiful and personal. Hang up the card with your heart’s desire, put a candle down that you always light to practice, and then turn off again, hang up a picture of a teacher who inspires you – whatever. 

And then always approach this place with an inner smile and a certain respect. You will see that over time this place gets very special energy and you will want to visit it regularly.

3. Know Your Yoga Time (When?)

The biggest opponent of regular practice is the obligations of everyday life. Somehow something always comes up – we all know it. In order not to sacrifice the realization of your heart’s desire to everyday life, there are two possibilities. A) You always practice in the morning after getting up. B)

If that doesn’t work because you are terribly grumpy in the morning or have children who demand your attention early on, then always think about the day in advance when you will practice the next day. Go through the day in your mind and make an appointment with yourself. This appointment, like any other appointment, includes a certain time and place (mostly your yoga place).

4. Your Favorite Yoga Practice Is Always Right (How?)

What should I practice today? If you do not have an answer to this question, then prepare a favorite practice and you will practice it whenever you have nothing else in mind.

Another little tip in this context: the WHAT is not so important. The HOW is much more important and that has to do with your heart’s desire. So remember this wish before each practice and set your intention (an intention is a kind of invitation to your true inner heart’s desire to unfold on the mat).

5. Yoga at Home Needs a Clear Decision (How Often?)

Should I today or should I not? Is it important to me or do I prefer to do today …? I can do it tomorrow, blah … If you overhear these or similar thoughts in your head, then they are a sign that your inner decision lacks firmness. It’s not bad, we all know that. But it takes an incredible amount of energy. It is therefore important to arrive at the clearest and most firm inner decision possible.

If you don’t succeed, here’s what you can do. Deal with your heart’s desire again. Color in bright colors how you will feel when you have realized it. Use your imagination and let your goal dance as vividly as possible in front of your inner eye. This usually helps your own motivation on the jumps. If not, not bad, then try to get inspiration from outside.

6. Inspiration Is the Key to Everything (Where To?)

Do you know that, you come home from a yoga workshop or a conference and are highly motivated? Can’t wait to get on the mat and try out all you’ve learned? That is the power of inspiration! It inspires everything, gives us orientation and sprinkles every action with sweet joy. If it is missing, everything tastes boring. Then the asana practice at home becomes mere gymnastics and in meditation our minds carousel like children at a fair.

If this happens to you, then plan your time very consciously and take care of your inspiration. Seeking inspiration is an integral part of my own yoga practice at home. So this is not an extra, but an essential part! So get yourself a good book on yoga or a movie (e.g. The Path of the Peaceful Warrior). Then make yourself some tea and put your feet up. Then you will know again where your yoga journey should lead you.

We hope these tips for your yoga at home will help you.

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