Who has ever read the ancient Indian Healing Art Ayurveda, Panchakarma is a frequent term. Nevertheless, very few people know what this particular Ayurvedic cure is, what concrete effects it has on health and why it is the health cure par excellence for many health problems. Panchakarma calms the mind and detoxifies the body.

Today, it is almost impossible to escape the countless stresses that affect our organism in stress, radiation, and various chemicals. All these factors damage our bodies as well as our mind. They diminish physical and psychological vitality and ultimately cause illness on both levels and in many ways.

Therefore, it is more critical today than ever to avoid these influences as much as possible. To reduce stress, find oneself again, and detoxify the body, these are the tasks that need to be fulfilled. And these are precisely the areas in which the Panchakarmakur unfolds its effect.

Panchakarmakur increases the quality of life

All diseases are caused by an overload of the body and the Psyche. This is based either on the body’s acidification, a toxic load, a mental overload, or on a combination of these factors.

For this reason, the Panchakarma cure is an excellent help for many diseases. These include diseases of the digestive system, cardiovascular system, skin, joints, migraines, depression, and many other diseases. Chronic diseases also respond excellently to this cure.

Nevertheless, the Panchakarma cure is not only recommended to sick people. Even those who want to maintain their health and increase their quality of life are well advised with this recommendation. Panchakarma regulates premature aging processes and makes them physically and mentally fit.

Panchakarma: the five diversion procedures

Panchakarma means “five activities” in the literal translation. It is, therefore, a healing process that is built based on five different measures. Each one of them serves to release toxins because the goal of a Panchakarma cure is to purify the body intensively and the mind.

The removal procedures occur via the intestine, the mouth, the nose, and the skin. Individually created laxatives (Virechan), herbal enemas (Basthi), emetic (Vaman), nasal Lavages (Nasya), and bloodletting are used.

The treatment is supported by massages and steam baths so that the therapy consists of a systematic sequence of internal and external therapies. The type of discharge chosen by the therapist depends on the patient’s constitution (Vata, Pitta, or Kapha Constitution) and the nature of his illness and his physical and mental strength (energy).

The therapy is accompanied by an individually compiled diet, which also takes into account the corresponding constitution.

The study confirms the effect of Virechan treatment.

Although Ayurvedic knowledge has existed for more than 5000 years, some scientists did not allow themselves to check the effects of a Virechan treatment (Ayurvedic laxative). In 2002, they conducted a study, the result of which more than surprised them.

The research team demonstrated that even the proportion of fat-soluble industrial toxins, such as DDT and PCBs, could be reduced by up to 50 percent by a single Virechan treatment. It has been assumed that poisons of this kind accumulated in the body can no longer be excreted. The result of this study was all the more gratifying.

The duration of a Panchakarmakur

The more severe and chronic disease, the longer the cure should be performed. In case of serious illnesses, an eight-week spa stay would undoubtedly be the Optimum. In all other cases, the treatment should last at least three weeks and ideally for 4 weeks.

Within this period, a fundamental change in metabolism can occur, and the immune system can be stabilized. The body’s self-healing powers are activated so that it finds its original balance.

The three phases of the Panchakarmakur

The Panchakarma cure is divided into three sections. In the first Phase (Purva Karma), the body is prepared for purification. Only after that, the actual cleansing (Panchakarma) takes place. Finally follows the stage of reconstruction (Paschat Karma).

It would help if you had plenty of space and time for yourself during the entire course of the cure to pay the necessary attention to the physical and psychological changes. The preparation of the Panchakarmakur

So-called Ghee days initiate the first phase of the cure. Ghee is clarified butter that has been prepared with special herbs. Over several days, patients drink the liquid herbal Ghee in increasing quantities in the morning. The drink causes Cinder and poisons’ detachment, including those that were deeply embedded in the tissue.

After their release, special ayurvedic oil massages are performed to mobilize the toxins and move them towards the gastrointestinal tract. In this way, they can be excreted via the stool.

To also allow the body to discharge some of the pollutants through the skin, steam baths are additionally prescribed during this time.

The cleaning Phase of the Panchakarmakur

The cleaning phase begins with the first of the five possible recovery procedures. Based on his diagnosis, the therapist decides which methods are used in each case.

The first day after cleansing is always a rest day so that the body can recover from the discharge exertions. Then follow again massages, which support the discharge, before the second type of discharge is started. Also, the following day is a rest day. Only after that, the massages are continued. This is followed by the third treatment at the same rhythm, and so on…

The reconstruction of the Panchakarmakur

This phase is just as important as the cleaning itself. Since the body is still somewhat weakened after the intensive cleansing treatment, Ayurvedic drugs (Rasayana) are prescribed that harmonize and strengthen the body. Overall, they regenerate body and mind.

Light physical activities such as Yoga, dance, or longer walks are now recommended.

The light diet administered until then is slowly changed. However, it takes about seven days for the body to digest a “normal” diet again. However, it would be useful to reconsider the “old” eating habits already during the cure. After all, an unhealthy diet is always significantly involved in the development of a disease. The same applies, of course, to the “old” habits of life.

After all, if both habits are not adapted to the body’s actual needs after the Panchakarma cure, it could only be a matter of time before the cure successes noticeably decrease. And that would be too bad.

The Panchakarmakur is intensive, comprehensive, and sustainable.

If the Panchakarmakur has been performed according to the classical guidelines, you can expect profound, many areas covering and long-lasting positive change in your health situation.

Due to the stabilized immune system, your body will no longer react to allergens that have caused inflammation, breathing difficulties, indigestion, rashes, or other problems. Your metabolism is optimized, as well as the function of your cardiovascular system. The complexion visibly improves, and the mind becomes balanced and clear.

When are you planning your first Panchakarmakur?