Manya Arora

I have been following your Instagram for a while and just recently got more into your blogs, what I love about your blog is that you give such educational advice about Food and the science behind what is going on in our bodies. I follow several health food pages and yours is definitely unique in that way, anyone can take a pretty picture of a healthy meal but not anyone can tell what the meal is actually going to do in the body.

Ishank Verma

I loved all of these articles and I just wanted to send you some positive vibes and a huge shout out for being such an amazing source of information. You are my go-to people when I have a wellness or health question because I can always count on Satvik Living to strip it down to the facts regardless of what everyone else on social media is saying. Your posts are evidence-based, thorough, and so fun to read. Keep up the absolutely amazing work!

Shivani Desai

I was looking for the perfect detox plan and I found it on Satvik Living. Their plan was precise and it really helped me detoxify my body over the weekend. Since then I’ve been a regular reader at Satvik Living.

Anirudh Sharma

Really like reading articles on Satvik Living as they provide complete solution to various types of issues whether it be chronic diseases or day to day problems like headache. I highly recommend Satvik Living articles to my friends.